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Free outdoor gym sessions for all in Tower Hamlets

Free outdoor gym sessions for all in Tower Hamlets

Movement Medicine: Activate Your Health

If you want to be healthier and get more active, come along to the Movement Medicine sessions running throughout May and June 2023 at an outdoor gym near you.

Designed by the professional movement experts at Kesson Physiotherapy and led by qualified Personal Trainers.

Movement is the 'wonder-drug' and is one of the best medicines you can get. These Movement Medicine sessions show you how you can become more active in a safe way.

You'll get expert advice on becoming more active, building your strength and fitness levels and becoming healthier. We have the outdoor based gym activities to suit you.

The Movement Medicine sessions are open to all Tower Hamlets residents however we would like to reach the following groups in particular:

  • People who are physically inactive and/or from minority ethnic groups, with good representation from women
  • People with diabetes and /or people on the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP), with BMI of 23 or more
  • People with weight problems and/or people on the Tier 2 weight management programme, with BMI of 23 or more 

100 sessions.  Free to access, fun to do. Starting on Tuesday 9th May -  Saturday 1st July 2023 at your nearest outdoor gym.

The Movement Medicine sessions are taking place at:

  1. Northwest: Weavers Fields, Viaduct Street E2, in Bethnal Green, near to the Bethnal Green Health Centre (and 2 other GP practices) - 11 pieces of outdoor gym equipment
  2. Southwest: Wapping Gardens, Tench Street, near the John Orwell Sports Centre and the Wapping Group (GP) Practice - 12 pieces of outdoor gym equipment
  3. Northeast: Rounton Road, Campbell Road E3 4DP in Bromley by Bow, near the St. Andrews Health Centre (part of BBBP)
  4. Southeast: Sir John MacDougall Gardens, Ocean Wharf, Westferry Road E14 8LN, near the Tiller Leisure Centre and the Barkantine (GP) Practice - 13 pieces of outdoor gym equipment


*Schedule subject to change

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets have partnered with TGO-Activate to enable its residents and workers to improve their health and wellbeing. The Outdoor Gym Activation Programme uses the state-of-the-art fitness equipment available at the 16 outdoor gyms across the Borough, to provide Tower Hamlets’ residents with FREE and exclusive access to a schedule of real and virtual classes, specifically designed to be suitable for all fitness types.  

There really is something for everyone.

How to join...

Joining a Movement Medicine session funded by Tower Hamlets Council is simple. Either turn up at one of the sessions (at the time and location shown on the timetable above) and chat to one of our friendly course leaders to find out how you can get healthier or stronger (or both!) and they will help you get started or click on the 'GET STARTED' button below to take our survey now and become part of Tower Hamlets’ active community. 



How are you getting with the Movement Medicine sessions at your local outdoor gym?

Please click on the button below to update your recent activity. Are you ready to move up to the next level?



Free activities on the TGO Activate App

Did you know that Tower Hamlets residents can get free access to various free classes and activities?

Click here to download the TGO Activate app to find out more and find your nearest TGO outdoor gym.

10 February 2023

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