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A classic cardio piece in the great outdoors, rivalling the indoor version.

Become a regular on the TGO Cross Trainer and you'll boost your heart and lung health over time. It's a fantastic piece for toning your arms and legs too. A very intuitive piece, young people through to older users can step on and get going. Beginners to elites can find their pace on this TGO piece. Build in higher intensity intervals to increase the challenge. Share your workout pics and videos with TGO on social media!

Cross Trainer demo


Design features

1. Designed for a full body cardio workout with in-built resistance. 
2. Fully-enclosed mechanisms for your safety.
3. Strong steel handles for support getting on and off the kit, as well as during your workout. 
4. Brightly coloured to meet Inclusive Fitness Initiative standards. 


Health and fitness benefits

  1. Cardiovascular health and fitness benefits
  2. Builds strength and tone in legs and arms
  3. Low impact for inactive users, older people and people with health conditions
  4. Inclusive for all.
  5. Challenge yourself with higher intensity intervals.