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Save the Planet Academy

Save the Planet Academy

Save the Planet Academy

Hi I’m Brandon, I’m the founder of Save the Planet Academy and I am 10 years old. This course is for children, schools and parents and anyone  who wants to create a better future. My course is going to explain how we can wage warfare against climate change in our schools, in our gardens and in our homes. We are more powerful than you think and it starts with us. 

From my course you will gain:

  • Ideas as individuals or as an organisation to combat climate change
  • Everything in this course is totally practical
  • You can implement most of these ideas straight away
  • You can join my mission to plant a Children’s Forest 
  • You can also reduce your carbon footprint by at least 73% 

You are the future. I will also be challenging you to a few games to expand your thinking on how humanity needs to evolve. 


'Brandon is an inspiration to children and adults alike. The climate clock is ticking and we can't wait for the next generation to grow up and save the planet, we need to listen to them now!' John James

'Brandon inspires other children to be different and stand out from the crowd.' Tanja Hughes


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