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Here's a great Work out Of the Week from Ben Lynch - a huge influence in the UK Calisthenics community. 

250 reps, beginner Calisthenics workout 

10 push-ups
10 bodyweight squats
10 rows
10 diamond push-ups
5 lunges left leg, 5 right leg

Rest 3 mins Repeat 5 times

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Meet our Instructors

Marvin Ambrosius Marvin Ambrosius High Intensity Interval Training
Dani Simpson founder of Stride into Life Dani Simpson Dynamic transformation through the power of positivity
Sally Gunnell OBE and TGO Activate Sally Gunnell Walking, jogging, TGO gym and bodyweight workouts
Brandon Brandon Saving the planet
Kesson Physiotherapy trainer, Saffron Saffron: Sports Therapist at Kesson Physio Physio-designed activity & Pilates
Kesson Physiotherapy trainer, Luke Luke: Kesson Physio Physio-led activity
Rob Lindley Rob Lindley Cardio fit & family activity
Emily Tarrant TGO Activate gymnastics Emily Tarrant Gymnastics & flexibility
Kesson Physiotherapy Kesson Physiotherapy Physio-designed activity & Pilates
Georgie Delaney Co Founder of The Great Outdoor Gym Company Georgie Delaney Personal impact, health and well-being
TGO Activate Team TGO Activate Trainers of many talents
Rachel Hanlon Rachel Hanlon Park Workouts

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At TGO activate we believe sustainability starts with ourselves. Our choices are powerful, from the food we eat to what spend our money on. It’s all about the F words – Faith, Fitness, Food, Forests, Finances… We have created our own people-centric model. By looking at this model you can take the pledge in the different areas. Collectively we can make a difference. Take the pledge and be counted amongst our People Power army!

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Join our vision of creating a healthy people and planet. Unlock the power of movement by purchasing one of our digital courses and classes accessed on your phone. Take your phone to the gym or even your garden to activate health today. At least one tree is planted for every workout purchased! 

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