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Rachel Hanlon
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Speciality: Park Workouts

Rachel Hanlon

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Hi, everybody - I’m Rachel!
I want you to just come on and have a wee chat to you, a little friendly chat just to introduce myself. Thank you so much for checking out my free workouts and having a look at how the great outdoors looks for me, and how the great outdoors literally is my gym. 

A little about me:
I'm 49 years old, with two children - a 13 year old and a 10 year old and I'm a personal trainer. Movement, health and wellbeing are such a priority for me and my lifestyle. 

I haven't always been like this though; I gave up my career to bring up the kids and I know the changes, obviously, that our bodies go through when we have children.
But I've always had a passion for the great outdoors and being active and from this, I now run my own personal training business in my local park. I’m lucky in that my local park really is where I work every single day with clients; come sunshine, rain, windstorms and snow: there is really nowhere better to have a workout - to get away from those four walls of gyms and studios.

The best thing about this is that once you get used to it, you feel quite liberated. Being surrounded by trees and nature and the grass, it just restores you and fills you with vitality!

Why do I enjoy being active? 
Well, you know what? I know it's good for me, but what I truly love about it is it gives me a confidence in the person who I am.
It gives me the opportunity to grow as a person, even though I'm 49 years of age and I have changed over the years. It's not all about challenges and running a 10k, a half marathon or or being the next-best this or the next-best that. My workouts also aren't about being perfect in the movements because this is me, a mum and a real person, and you will get to know me through the workouts: I make mistakes and I wobble a little bit. I'm not into perfection. 

What I'm looking for is for you just to enjoy movements and enjoy being active so that then as you become healthier and you're moving better, you can really enjoy doing the things that you enjoy doing. Whether that is jumping up and down on the trampoline with your children or taking your dog for a walk up a mountain - and getting to the top of the hill without feeling out of breath.

It's all about life, longevity and being the best version of you as you possibly can. I'm very down to earth. I love life. I like being around people; in fact I really love it. I can help inspire my clients to feel good about who they are and to feel positive about their bodies. And OK, it's all inclusive for everybody.
Being active is all about moving and just enjoying yourself. You know, some of the things I enjoy doing as hobbies. I mean, I love skiing and I I've just taken up jumping into Lochs. I live in Scotland and freshwater swimming is just brilliant. It's cold. But again, you come out and you just feel this full life vitality.
So I'm truly hoping that you will trust me to look after you in your workouts and enjoy just moving. We always start off with the basics and we get good at the basics, and then we can progress through. But the great outdoors is your gym. If you let nature help you and guide you and have a little helping hand for me.
So I'm so super proud to have been asked to become a TGO activator so that I can help empower everybody into enjoying movement and living a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

So for me, the great outdoors is where I work rest and play. But also, it fills me with energy and vitality for life. And that has just got to be good no matter what the weather throws at you.

So please come along enjoy this journey. Have a look at my program. I would really love you to join in and you can get in touch with me via the hashtags and commenting below on any posts that you see. And I will get back to you. And I really can't wait to join this journey. So yeah. I'm Rachel.
I'm me. I I'm positive about being me and who I am. And I want you to feel positive in your skin so that you can shine brightly each and every day. So come and join me in the great outdoors and let me help you to let the great outdoors be your gym. Thank you so much. And I'm super excited.

  • 7 day routine
  • Easy to adapt to your level
  • Can do anywhere
  • Builds muscle in a smart way
  • Anti ageing
  • Fat burning

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