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TGO gym equipment is designed to give you the most functional, inclusive, safe and inspiring outdoor gym workout. Since 2007, we've been opening up free-to-use outdoor gyms in your local parks and open spaces. We're building this vision with our amazing global partners including HAGS, Gebal Group LLC, Playpoint, PlayRope and many more, to bring you at least 5000 more outdoor gyms in the next 5 years.

Here you can watch our equipment demo videos, get technique tips to enhance your workout and discover the health and fitness benefits of each piece of equipment - it's all right here.

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TGO Hand Bike

Brilliant for able-bodied people and wheelchair users, the TGO Hand Bike offers heart and lung boosting cardio and improves muscle tone in the arms and shoulders. 


TGO Spinning Bike

Boost your heart health and lung function on this outdoor gym beauty! Welcoming for beginners with challenge for active and elite users.


TGO Chest Press/ Seated Row

Upper body muscle toner, inclusive for young people to older users, beginners to elites. Build tone and strength with regular reps. Increase challenge over time.


TGO Lat Pull Down/ Shoulder Press

Upper body star piece with strength and toning exercises for all abilities. You'll love this one, whatever age or stage you are. Easy ways to get started and then build more challenge over time.

Toning; Strength


Strengthens your abdominal muscles for core stability, which supports and strengthens your whole body. 



HAGS Leg Press

Tone and strengthen your legs and bum with back support. The Leg Press provides great activity for all fitness levels, targeting your hamstrings, calves, quads and gluteal muscles.


TGO Plyometric Boxes

Beginners, elites and families, step or jump to it for cardio health. Discover the toning and strength moves for the upper body too. Inspires playful cardio and creative circuits!

Strength; Toning

TGO Basic Rig

Inspired by the indoor scene, our Basic Rig offers a full body callisthenics workout. Multiple workouts for beginners to elites.


TGO Cross Trainer

A classic piece to rival the indoor version. Regular use will do wonders for your heart and lung health. Great for arm and leg toning too. Intuitive and welcoming for beginners. 


TGO Recumbent Bike

Pedal with back support in the great outdoors for a healthy heart, lungs and improved muscle tone in your legs. Great for older people and perfect as a rehab tool.


TGO Leg Press

Beneficial and fun for all fitness levels, the TGO Leg Press is great for toning your legs and bum muscles. 


TGO Bench

Family-friendly toning piece, core strength classic with full body tone and strength activities.


TGO Pull Up/ Assisted Pull Up

Designed to welcome beginners and challenge the super fit, upper body strength for all fitness levels.


TGO Overhead Ladder

Increase upper body strength with challenge and play built in. The TGO Overhead Ladder is fun and inspiring for the whole family.


TGO Dips/ Leg Raise 

Get your full body strength right here! Shoulders, arms, core, legs - build your strength and tone with regular use!


TGO Pull Up Bar

Build upper body strength in your arms, shoulders and back with this beauty! It's simple but so effective, brilliant if you're already active and you want to challenge yourself further.