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Inspired by the indoor scene, get your full body strength and tone workout here!

Inspiring for individuals, group activities and instructors, the TGO Basic Rig has so much to offer your toning and strength routines. Challenging, playful and so versatile!

The Monkey Bars offer multiple exercise options to train your grip strength, forearms, lats and core.

The Leg Raise offers great activities for the core and abdominal muscle groups.

The Multi-Grip Chin Up Bars are excellent for building strength in the lats and biceps.

The Press Up Bar Station is an excellent piece for building chest strength, perfect for beginner to advanced as it is set at two-heights. Also can be used for triceps dips.

The Parallel Bars provide a two-height set of bars, great for dips which allow progression from beginner to intermediate and advanced – dips are a great exercise for the chest, arms and shoulder strength. Perfect for attaching resistance bands too.

If you're a beginner, start with what you can manage and build up your strength on other TGO toning and strength pieces like the Lat Pull Down/ Shoulder Press and the Chest Press/ Seated Row. If you're active and very active already, let's see your best moves! Send TGO Activate a selfie when you've completed your sets! 

Pull Up demo


Dips demo

Leg Raise demo

Take more Rig inspiration from this HAGS video


Design features

  1. Inspired by the indoor scene, the Basic Rig is designed for full body strength and toning.
  2. Includes monkey bars, pull up bars, chin up bars, mid-height bar, leg raise, dips, parallel bars & press up station.
  3. Something for everyone - beginners to elites.
  4. Brightly coloured to meet Inclusive Fitness Initiative standards.

Health and fitness benefits

  1. Full body strength and tone workout
  2. If you're active or very active, you'll be challenged and inspired.
  3. Key piece for trainers and elites and can be used with TRX bands
  4. If you're a beginner, go at your pace and build strength over time.
  5. Increase the challenge by increasing your repetitions and choosing exercise variations.