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Upper body strength and toning star, whatever age or stage you can take part

Strengthen and tone your arms, shoulders and back with regular repetitions on the TGO Lat Pull Down and the TGO Shoulder Press. If you're getting started, try 8-12 repetitions x 3 sets, 2-3 times a week - this will make a difference!

Based on lifting approximately 30% of your body weight, the Lat Pull Down works your arms and back and the Shoulder Press works your shoulders and arms. To increase the resistance, lift your feet off the floor slightly while seated or use one hand at a time. There's a choice of close and wide hand grip positions to target different muscles. Remember to breathe and send TGO a workout selfie!

Lat Pull Down demo

Shoulder Press demo


Design features

1. Designed for upper body strength and toning: arms, shoulders and back.
2. Fully-enclosed mechanisms for your safety.
3. Double handles on each piece to target different muscles.
4. Progression piece with in-built challenge.
5. Brightly coloured to meet Inclusive Fitness Initiative standards.

Health and fitness benefits

  1. Builds tone and strength in arms, shoulders and back muscles.
  2. Inclusive for all fitness levels, young people to older people.
  3. Offers progression, when you're ready to increase the challenge. Lift your feet off the floor; use one hand; increase your repetitions.