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Stride into Life by Dani Simpson

Stride into Life

Stride into Life


Take the STRIDE INTO LIFE pledge to transform your life in 9 dynamic steps

Activate a happier healthier you and uncover your true potential with the STRIDE INTO LIFE package comprising Dani's THINK WELL, FEEL WELL and LIVE WELL courses. 

Every action starts with a thought so THINK WELL is the foundation of the subsequent courses FEEL WELL and LIVE WELL to optimise your mental, emotional and physical health.

This package encompasses the key steps to dynamic transformation: Thinking well, Feeling well and Living Well. Dani will show you how to reclaim your authentic self, access the feelings keeping you stuck, clear your elephants in the room, have braver conversations, create happier home and workplace environments, optimise your health and bring your life into alignment. 

  • 9 interactive on-line sessions and 3 workbook journals with dynamic activations for a healthier you!
  • 6 trees planted with Eden Reforestation Project Kenya when you purchase STRIDE INTO LIFE. 





As you think, so you are. Reclaiming your true identity

The foundation of wellness is to discover if you are thinking and living as your authentic self or if you are living a projected version of yourself. Reclaim your true self to bring your life into alignment.

What are you thinking! The power of words on our health

You will discover the family sayings, words and phrases you use that are self-limiting and unhelpful for your wellbeing. Lets cultivate a more positive way of thinking and speaking to energise you and enhance relationships.

Saying yes, saying no. The flex appeal of healthier boundaries

How do your values and boundaries impact your energy levels? Discover how to audit and instil healthier boundaries to protect the things and people you love.


I have a Gut Feeling About It. Into the Spacious Place. 

Go on a deep dive to hear what your mind, heart and gut are telling you. Gently access the feelings keeping you stuck and confront them.

Keeping it Real. Brave Conversations. 

Think you can’t confront those around you with care and love? Yes you can! Speaking our truth with love is healthy and empowering. Move from the superficial to the meaningful and productive.

Grounded in Love not Fear. Laying Down the Payoffs.

Choose better. Diminish unhealthy motives, pride and fear. Embrace honesty, let go of unhealthy payoffs that give short term pleasure. Enhance long term joy. Say no to dis-ease and disease. 


Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Developing our True Potential

Grow your emotional intelligence and ability to recognise, understand, manage and express emotions. Unlike IQ, which we are born with, it’s never too late to develop emotional intelligence and relational skills both in and out of work. 

To Know and Be Known. Healthier Relationships

Are your key relationships fulfilling or are they a result of pure happenstance? Would you like to be able to relate and communicate in more meaningful and powerful ways? Discover the superpowers of vulnerability, friendship and community for optimal wellbeing.

Sparking Joy. The Power of Thanks and Gratitude. 

The transformational power of thanks. Benefit from the scientifically-proven benefits of laughter and journaling. Techniques to decrease stress, manage blood pressure, ease digestive disorders, stave off depression and release natural pain killers to elevate mood. Wholeness through happiness.


  • Reclaim your true identity and cultivate authenticity 
  • Spot and change unhelpful and unhealthy thoughts, sayings and language patterns you use
  • Discover the words and phrases that create energy, positivity and productivity in and around you
  • Audit and instil healthier boundaries 
  • Access and face feelings that are keeping you stuck
  • Move from superficial speech into meaningful, powerful conversations
  • Empowering ways to speak your truth in your key relationships
  • Clear your elephants in the room
  • Grow your emotional intelligence and relational skills
  • Reshape your neural pathways towards joy and love
  • Develop life skills of empathy and resilience
  • An invitation to evaluate your most important relationships
  • The superpower of vulnerability
  • Speak up and speak well
  • Reap the scientific benefits of joy and gratitude
  • The power to dynamically transform your life


Who is this course for? 

  • Businesses, healthcare sector, hospitals and schools
  • People with an interest in personal development
  • People with an interest in developing their true potential
  • Holistic health practitioners
  • People with common mental and physical health conditions including mild depression, stress, anxiety and eczema (please note: this course is not a substitute for medical care)
  • Family groups

About Dani:

  • Founder of
  • Dynamic transformational language expert
  • Courses for education, business, healthcare and wellness sectors
  • 20 years in the healing and wholeness sector
  • Moving personal story of overcoming chronic illness, fatigue, depression and trauma
  • Inner Healing, Emotional Intelligence, Braver Conversations, Proven benefits of Joy and Laughter
  • Develop your true potential 






  • I have been so impressed by Dani and her story. What she brings to the world is all the more powerful because of her vulnerable authenticity. We need more Dani’s! Patrick Mayfield, Author of ‘Leading Yourself: Succeeding from the Inside Out’
  • Dani is an incredible beacon of light. Her holistic emphasis on health and wellbeing is expressed so sensitively - an example to us all. Ameenah Ayub, Film Producer (Rocks) 
  • Dani is a champion for all who are drawn into her bright and shining orbit. All are impacted by her presence, and none will leave it unchanged. Sue Jameson, Joy Activist
  • Dani’s sense of care, duty and dedication is enviable; she is unstoppable and champions others to be the same. Tobi Osinaike, Kent
  • Dani is a true inspiration and role model, and her passion and determination to spread life and love is truly breath-taking. Katie @ The Chair, Canterbury


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