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Course: Stride Out – Feel Well: Mental Wellbeing Sessions with Dani Simpson

Stride into Life - Feel Well

Stride into Life - Feel Well


Take the FEEL WELL pledge to 'choose life' not fear with Dani Simpson  (3 day course) 

On this transformational course you'll take a deep dive into the ‘spacious place’ to shut out noise and listen to what your brain, heart and gut are telling you.  You’ll find and face the feelings that are keeping you stuck, and learn dynamic techniques to confront yourself and others with courage and care. You will learn how to have more meaningful conversations, and discover why speaking truth with love, energizes and releases you from dis-ease and disease. 

Spot and redress the unhelpful motives, habits and payoffs (counterfeit rewards) that are distracting and de-energising you. Join Dani to learn problem solving skillsets, redress dysfunctional thinking and confront hard things.

  • 3 video sessions and 1 interactive journal with engaging activations for real transformation and a happier, healthier you! 
  • 2 trees planted for every course purchased.


Day 1. I have a Gut Feeling About It. Into the Spacious Place. 

Shut out the ‘noise’ and enter the Spacious Place where you can feel more deeply and hear what your mind, heart and gut are telling you. Gently access the feelings keeping you stuck. Protect yourself from ill health. Have brave conversations with yourself.  

Day 2. Keeping it Real. Brave Conversations. 

Think you can’t confront those around you with care and love? Yes you can! Speaking our truth with love is healthy and empowering. End draining dysfunctional thinking and embrace transparency in feelings and communication. Move from the superficial to the meaningful. Discover helpful and strategic conversational skills.

Day 3. Grounded in Love not Fear. Laying Down the Payoffs.

Discover why we do the things we do and how to choose better. Diminish unhealthy motives, pride and fear. Embrace honesty to strip away ego, reveal and let go of unhealthy payoffs that give short term pleasure but strip us of long term joy. Optimise your energy levels and say no to dis-ease. 


  • Self-discovery through inward reflection and stillness practice
  • Access and face feelings that were keeping you stuck
  • Move from superficial speech into meaningful, powerful conversations
  • Speak up and speak well
  • Empowering ways to speak your truth in your key relationships
  • Clear your elephants in the room
  • Practice activations in your workbook journal


Who is this course for? 

  • Businesses, healthcare sector, hospitals and schools
  • People with an interest in personal development
  • People with an interest in developing their true potential
  • Holistic health practitioners
  • People with common mental and physical health conditions including mild depression, stress, anxiety and eczema (please note: this course is not a substitute for medical care)
  • Family groups


About Dani:

  • Founder of
  • Dynamic transformational language expert
  • Courses for education, business, healthcare and wellness sectors
  • 20 years in the healing and wholeness sector
  • Moving personal story of overcoming chronic illness, fatigue, depression and trauma
  • Inner Healing, Emotional Intelligence, Braver Conversations, Proven benefits of Joy and Laughter
  • Develop your true potential 



  • Dani is an incredible beacon of light. Her holistic emphasis on health and wellbeing is expressed so sensitively - an example to us all. 
    Ameenah Ayub, Film Producer (Rocks) 

  • I commend Dani to you, a woman of uprightness, integrity and sincerity
    Robin Jegede-Brimson, Rev

  • With remarkable insights, positivity and a ‘can do’ attitude Dani will no doubt bring out the best in you.
    Mike Bennett, OBE

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