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Dani Simpson founder of Stride into Life
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Speciality: Dynamic transformation through the power of positivity

Dani Simpson founder of Stride into Life

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Founder of Stride Into Life, Dani Simpson’s vision is of happier healthier people dynamically transformed by life-giving thoughts, words and actions. A transformational language expert, Dani’s programs and insights are successful in the fields of education, business and wellness, and are the culmination of 20 years in charity work helping people find inner healing and wholeness. The power to live the very best version of yourself is within you.

With her moving personal story (overcoming chronic disease, fatigue, depression and trauma) Dani’s work is gaining global exposure by demonstrating the power of Inner Healing, Emotional Intelligence, Braver Conversations, Healthier Relationships and Joy.

Writer and mum of 3, Dani has featured as resident expert in publications sharing her insights around the power of words. Her mission is to help you develop your true potential, no matter your circumstances, and reduce feelings of overwhelm, fear, stress and disease. You’ll discover how to create a home and work life filled with deep levels of love, courage, health, wholeness and happiness.   

Join Dani to enhance your emotional awareness, cultivate authenticity, embrace healthy vulnerability, dimmish unhelpful motives and payoffs, audit and instill healthier boundaries, energize your family, friends and colleagues, clear your elephants in the room, shift your environment, minimize stress, evaluate and enhance relationships, unlearn fears, peel off those labels others stuck on you, build new neural pathways of positivity, learn healthier ways to confront others, speak up and speak well, develop resilience, reframe rejection and choose joy and wellness not dis-ease, disease and illness.  

  • Founder of Stride Into Life
  • Dynamic transformational language expert
  • Courses for education, business, healthcare and wellness sectors
  • 20 years in the healing and wholeness charity sector
  • Moving personal story of overcoming chronic illness, fatigue, depression and trauma
  • Inner Healing, Emotional Intelligence, Braver Conversations, Proven benefits of Joy and Laughter
  • Develop your true potential 
  • Reclaim your authentic self, the foundation of wellness
  • Grow relational and communication skills to ease discomfort and disease
  • Evaluate your most important relationships and choose the superpower of vulnerability and good boundaries for a happier healthier life
  • Insights around the scientifically proven power of gratitude to transform your life 
  • The health benefits of joy, laughter and journaling
  • Audit and instil healthier boundaries
  • Energise your home and workplace
  • Learn how to speak up and speak well

Dani Simpson's courses