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Course: Stride Out – Think Well: Mental Wellbeing Sessions with Dani Simpson

Stride into Life - Think Well

Stride into Life - Think Well


Take the THINK WELL pledge to transform your mind and break the chains of unhelpful thinking (3 day course)

On this course you will reclaim your true identity, spot and change unhelpful ways of thinking, formulate more energising thought patterns, discover life-giving ways to speak, redress unhealthy behaviours, set better boundaries and find wholeness through openness, authenticity and well aligned values.   

A healthier thought life leads us away from discomfort and disease, prevents brain damage and positively impacts all-round health.  Practice techniques to develop your true potential and transform your mind, including catching those negative thoughts, words and habits that often go unquestioned or unnoticed but which are draining and unhelpful. 

  • 3 video sessions and 1 interactive journal with engaging activations for real transformation and a happier, healthier you! 
  • 2 trees planted for every course purchased

Day 1. As you think, so you are. Reclaiming your true identity

The foundation of wellness is to discover if you are thinking and living as your authentic self or if you are living a projected version of yourself (a ‘self’ projected onto us by caregivers, culture, society, friendship groups and habits). Reclaim your true self to bring your life into alignment and choose wellness.

Day 2. What are you thinking! The power of words on our health

You will discover the family sayings, words and phrases you use that are self-limiting and unhelpful for your wellbeing. We’ll find them then cultivate a more positive way of thinking and speaking to energise you, enhance relationships and productivity, and bring vitality to your mind, body and spirit.

Day 3. Saying yes, saying no. The flex appeal of healthier boundaries

Are you overstretched and tired? Do you have FOMO? Are unhealthy expectations impacting your energy levels? You will discover how to audit and instil healthier boundaries, be more honest with yourself and protect the things and people you love.


  • Reclaim your true identity and cultivate authenticity 
  • Spot and change unhelpful and unhealthy thoughts, sayings and language patterns you use
  • Discover words and phrases that create energy, positivity and productivity in and around you
  • Honour yourself and others better
  • Audit and instil healthier boundaries
  • Build new neural pathways 
  • Practice activations in your workbook journal

Who is this course for? 

  • Businesses, healthcare sector, hospitals and schools
  • People with an interest in personal development
  • People with an interest in developing their true potential
  • Holistic health practitioners
  • People with common mental and physical health conditions including mild depression, stress, anxiety and eczema (please note: this course is not a substitute for medical care)
  • Family groups

About Dani:

  • Founder of
  • Dynamic transformational language expert
  • Courses for education, business, healthcare and wellness sectors
  • 20 years in the healing and wholeness sector
  • Moving personal story of overcoming chronic illness, fatigue, depression and trauma
  • Inner Healing, Emotional Intelligence, Braver Conversations, Proven benefits of Joy and Laughter
  • Develop your true potential 


  • I have been so impressed by Dani and her story. What she brings to the world is all the more powerful because of her vulnerable authenticity. We need more Dani’s! 
    Patrick Mayfield, Author of ‘Leading Yourself: Succeeding from the Inside Out’

  • Dani is highly insightful, and her consistently positive, purposeful and creative personality is an inspiration to me and many others.
    Graham Burns, Chairman, The Change Organisation

  • Dani always leaves you feeling a better, stronger person.
    Antonia Stoneman, Musician & Teacher

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