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Find local TGO Gyms, discover the equipment, track your activity and connect with your community

The TGO Activate App is free to download with love from TGO!

  • Find your nearest TGO Gyms – map based, list based and the App loads the nearest gyms wherever you are
  • Learn about your TGO Gym equipment – cardio, strength, energy, calisthenics and more
  • Aim for 150 minutes of physical activity per week – as recommended by the World Health Organisation and the UK Chief Medical Officers)
  • Log and track your activity – input your minutes of movement per week to record your progress
  • Make your TGO Gym experience more fun – scan QR codes on our equipment to log and track your workouts
  • Keep track of your wellbeing 
  • Connect socially – through sharing posts and events
  • Stay informed – if your TGO Gym is activated by the site owner with activities, classes or events, you can find out what's happening or register via the App.

Get the free TGO Activate App on iPhone or Android.

TGO-Activate-AppTGO-Activate App