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The 9 Fs

Faith not fear

I choose to move forward in my life positively driven by hope I can make a different to myself, people and planet. I resist fear based decisions.


I pledge to do at least 60 minutes exercise per week and aim for 150 minutes to reduce my likelihood of developing lifestyle diseases by 2030 or before.

Family and friends

I pledge to take steps to exercise with friends, family, and meet new people in the community, and encouraging others to do the same by 2030 or before.


I pledge to align my diet with the Eat Lancet Planet Diet recommendation and reduce my meat and dairy consumption by more than 50 % by 2030 or before.


I pledge to reduce fossil fuel usage from travel by seeking public transport options where possible, and by switching to renewable sources of fuel and energy. And by recycling, whilst learning about natural resource usage, and wastage by 2030 or before.


I pledge to embrace the great outdoors and the value of green spaces by using TGO’s gym locator to integrate visiting my local TGO outdoor gym site. And to explore planting my own trees with TGO Activate by 2030 or before. (i) TGO plant 10 trees per piece of equipment, 100 trees for each Smart Activator Screen. And at least 1 tree per class sold, and at least 5 trees per course sold.


I pledge to cultivate a positive attitude towards myself, others, all communities, and the planet by understanding my role as a citizen to be responsible for through my own actions to support reducing climate change by 2030 or before.

Financial Sustainability

I pledge to make conscious decisions when choosing products by options for sustainable options across my consumption of goods and services.

Focus on mission

I pledge to focus on developing and maintaining my new lifestyle by utilising the community to sustain motivation, commitment, and as sense of humour to keep working over the principals to develop a low carbon footprint, and a sustainable lifestyle by 2030 or before.

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