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Get your full body strength right here: shoulders, arms, core, bum and legs

The Dips/ Leg Raise is a strength builder and a half. 

The Dips station is brilliant for people who are already active. If you're a regular jogger, for example, you can stop by the Dips to add strength exercises into your cardio sessions. If you're a fitness devotee, add regular reps and sets on the Dips to your training schedule. The Dips improves the strength and tone of the upper body over time, in particular the arms and shoulders.

Leg raise exercises are an excellent way to improve your core strength, which is beneficial for a wide range of health conditions and life stages. Our design supports newly active people to raise their knees or legs, giving you proper support for their back and arms, as well as assistance to get on and off the equipment.

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Dips demo


Leg Raise demo


Design features

1. Core, hip flexes and upper body strength exercises.
2. Attracts the moderately active to very active.
3. Entry level exercises to include beginners.
4. Brightly coloured to meet Inclusive Fitness Initiative standards. 

Health and fitness benefits

  1. Great for building full body strength over time.
  2. Builds core, arm and leg strength at all fitness levels.
  3. Progress at your pace.
  4. Challenge yourself by increasing repetitions over time.