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Upper body muscle toner, inclusive for young people to older users, beginners to elites

The Chest Press/ Seated Row is an upper body double station that strengthens and tones major muscle groups in your chest, arms, shoulders and back. Based on lifting approximately 30% of your body weight, this machine works your chest and arms on one side and your arms and back on the other. There's a close grip and wide grip hand position to target different muscles. Beginners can get involved with 8-12 repetitions x 3 sets, repeated 2-3 times a week. If you love a challenge, increase the resistance by lifting your feet off the floor and increase repetitions. Talk to TGO on social media and share your workout goals and successes!

Chest Press demo

Seated Row demo


Design features

1. Designed for upper body strength and toning: arms, chest and back.
2. Fully-enclosed mechanisms for your safety.
3. Double handles on each piece to target different muscles.
4. Progression piece with in-built challenge.
5. Accessible seat.
6. Brightly coloured to meet Inclusive Fitness Initiative standards. 

Health and fitness benefits

  1. Builds tone and strength in arms, chest and back muscles.
  2. Inclusive for all fitness level, young people to older people.
  3. Offers progression, when you're ready to increase the challenge.