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Increase upper body strength with challenge and play built in. Fun and inspiration for the whole family!

Transition from one side to the other, individually or in competition with family and friends! You can also do a range of pull up exercises, wide grip or close grip. There are two step up bars, to help you get on and off the equipment safely and easily.

If you're a beginner, try going from one side to the other and back. Active and very active people, you can use this piece to build your upper body strength (especially your shoulders, arms and back). Families with older children love this station too, as young people approach it with playful eyes. Mums, Dads and grandparents, you can build your strength and stamina to inspire your little people!

Please share your Overhead Ladder moves with TGO Activate on social media. 

Overhead Ladder demo

As well as traversing the ladder, there are a range of moves you can do. Take inspiration from this video from our partner, HAGS, including:

Exercise 1: Chin Up 
Exercise 8: Muscle Up
Exercise 9: Hanging Leg Raise
Exercise 13: Hover Decline
Exercise 14: Push Up


Design features

1. 9 bar ladder
2. Assisted step to get on and off the ladder
3. Playful and challenging to welcome beginners and advance to elite.
4. Brightly coloured to meet Inclusive Fitness Initiative standards.

Health and fitness benefits

  1. Great for upper body strength and muscle conditioning.
  2. It's instinctive to use
  3. Offers something for all ages and encourages families to get active together.
  4. Build the challenge by increasing your pull up repetitions and ladder traverses.