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Beneficial and fun for all fitness levels, tone up your legs and bum muscles

The TGO Leg Press is a smooth and simple piece for all fitness levels. Push up and ease back down the inclined track, working your leg and gluteal muscles (bum). The large footplate allows for different foot positions, to vary your exercises and work your bum, thighs and calf muscles too. Used regularly, the Leg Press will help you build lower body strength and tone, helping you to progress to more challenging equipment and exercises.


Leg Press demo


Design features

1. Lower body strength and toning equipment.
2. Fully-enclosed mechanisms for your safety.
3. Transfer handles for support getting on and off the kit, as well as during your workout. 
4. Multiple muscle workout - change foot positions on wide footplate.
5. Wide seat and back rest for comfort and safety. 
6. Brightly coloured to meet Inclusive Fitness Initiative standards. 


Health and fitness benefits

  1. Regular users can build muscle tone in the major muscles in your legs and bum.
  2. All the benefits of a squat with support 
  3. Inclusive for families, older people, beginners and active people
  4. Great rehab tool for people with health conditions: seek medical advice on how to get active safely.