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Beginners, elites and families, step or jump for cardio health. Discover the toning and strength moves too.

The TGO Plyometric Boxes are brilliant for new users right through to the super fit. They give you an excellent cardiovascular work out, improving your heart and lung function over time. Step or jump at the right pace, height and range of movement for you. Progress from inactive to very active over time, as you build fitness and confidence. For the super fit, there are no limits to the challenge. Kids and families love this one too.

The Plyometric Boxes will also improve your leg strength and tone with a number of exercise variations. The bars around the edge also enable you to perform incline and declined press ups, as well as tricep dips to build upper body tone and strength.

Plyometric Boxes demo


Design features

1. Designed for a cardio workout - jump or step, up and down.
2. Different height steps to build in challenge over time.
3. Upper body strength and tone exercises, using bars around the edge.



Health and fitness benefits

  1. Improve your heart health and lung function over time.
  2. Step up/ down or jump on different height levels, to suit your physical needs.
  3. Challenge yourself with higher intensity intervals.
  4. Builds muscle tone in legs with exercise options to build upper body strength and tone.
  5. Great for all ages including families with kids, inspiring your circuits and creative play.