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Inclusive and fun, tone up your legs and bum!

This Leg Press helps to builds tone and strength in your hamstring, calves, quads and gluteal (bum) muscles, whilst keeping your back supported. It's safe and easy-to-use for all fitness levels and has easy access seats.

Designed for up to two users at a time, you can work out next to a friend or relative for extra motivation and support!

Leg Press demo


Design features

  1. Toning station for legs and bum.
  2. Designed for all fitness levels.
  3. Seat and back rest for comfort and safety.
  4. Designed for up to 2 users for added motivation!

Health and fitness benefits

  1. Regular users can build muscle tone in the major muscles in your legs and bum.
  2. All the benefits of a squat with support 
  3. Inclusive for families, older people, beginners and active people
  4. Great rehab tool for people with health conditions: seek medical advice on how to get active safely.