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Family-friendly toning piece and core strength classic with full body tone and strength activities

Sit ups are just the start with the TGO Bench! There are many exercise variations on this piece of equipment. The bars around the edge of the Bench enable you to do incline and declined press ups, as well as tricep dips. The Bench also caters for a wide variety of sit up and abdominal crunch exercises, as well as seated leg raises.

Did you know that lower back pain is the single biggest cause of workplace absence? Strengthening your core is key to preventing or managing non-specific chronic pain including lower back pain.

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Bench demo


Design features

1. Highly functional piece.
2. Multiple exercises: triceps dips, leg raises, press ups, incline and decline push ups and stomach crunches.
3. Brightly coloured to meet Inclusive Fitness Initiative standards. 

Health and fitness benefits

  1. Great for building core strength over time.
  2. Strength and toning exercises for arms and legs too.
  3. Family friendly piece, welcoming for all ages.
  4. Challenge yourself by increasing repetitions over time.