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Sarah Ford TGO Activate strength training
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Speciality: Strength

Sarah Ford TGO Activate strength training

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TGO Activate trainer, Sarah Ford - Sarah transformed her own lifestyle and physical health with strength training, going on to be crowned the Natural Bodybuilding British and World Figure Champion. Sarah's a paramedic by day and she's a qualified PT. Her strength sessions are inclusive with in-built progression for those who want to advance (increase your reps from 8 to 12 per set). Sarah demonstrates exercises on TGO equipment always with off-kit alternatives, so you build strength with her anywhere. You'll need a resistance band if you're doing Sarah's off-kit exercises at home. 

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  • The TGO Activate Your Healthiest Week package features Sarah's Full Body Power class along with 4 other amazing TGO activators - it's everything you need to hit your cardio, tone and strength goals. WOW!
    • Circuits with Marvin Ambrosius = 30 minute class
    • Full body power with Sarah Ford = 25 minute class
    • Extend, Energise and Explore Yoga with Nicky Willis = 26 minute class
    • Kesson Physio Pilates Advanced 1 = 30 minute class
    • Family Fit with Rob Lindley = 20 minute class 
  • Power sessions
  • Strength builders
  • Active people
  • Super active people
  • Beginners can progress
  • Increase body confidence
  • Boost wellbeing
  • increase bone density
  • Tone and increase lean muscle

Sarah Ford's courses