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Kesson Physiotherapy trainer, Saffron
Home Meet the Activators Saffron: Sports Therapist at Kesson Physio

Speciality: Physio-designed activity & Pilates

Kesson Physiotherapy trainer, Saffron

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Kesson Physiotherapy leads the way to help people to Move Better, Live Better. For 40 years, their movement experts have diagnosed and treated thousands of people for their pain, loss of mobility and injury.  Kesson Physio’s approach is to restore, maintain and make the very best of someone’s movement, function and wellbeing. All classes are led by movement experts and designed to deliver targeted results.

Saffron Underdown (Sports Therapist) loves working with all types of clients from the conditioning of sporting individuals to instructing her Pilates class-goers. Saffron views better movement as the way to improve quality of life. She will instil the confidence in her clients to achieve more.

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Recommendations for you

  • For people at risk of diabetes or with a diagnosis, the Prevent and Stabilise Diabetes 6-week course is designed for you. This is also a fantastic programme for beginners, people returning to activity, older people and those with other lifestyle related or chronic conditions.
  • Saffron's Pilates classes are great for beginners through to advanced level - core conditioning, full body strength and flexibility for all ages.
  • The Kesson Physiotherapy Complete Pilates Package has all of Saffron's Pilates classes: 4 for the price of 3.
  • Get 2 Kesson Physiotherapy classes (Beginners Exercise class and Beginners Pilates) + 2 yoga classes: 4 classes for the price of 3 in the TGO Activate healthy, strong and sustainable life package.

Discover the Kesson Physiotherapy Complete Pilates Package with Saffron

  • Family friendly
  • Inclusive
  • Plants trees
  • All abilities
  • Quick
  • Fun
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Saffron: Sports Therapist at Kesson Physio's courses