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Kesson Physio Pilates Advanced 2

Class: Kesson Physio Pilates Advanced 2 £2.99

Class: Kesson Physio Pilates Advanced 2 £2.99


A definite step up from Saffron's Beginner Pilates Class 1 and 2, the second of the Kesson Physio Advanced Pilates classes challenges your technique, exercise awareness, strength and fitness. Expect a quicker pace of class, some new and more challenging movements and an overall increase in effort on your part. Get one Pilates class free as part of the Kesson Physio Complete Pilates package (4 classes for the price of 3). 

This class plants 3 trees.

Meet Saffron

Who is this class for?

  • Active people
  • Super active people
  • Strength builders
  • Busy working people
  • All ages

For people with pre-existing health conditions, please confirm with your doctor that you’re ready to get active with us. 

Class features

  • Combines floor and outdoor gym equipment exercises
  • Progress the basic Pilates exercises
  • Focuses on developing a strong central core
  • Introduces more flow and precision to movements
  • Greater awareness of mind and body
  • Tougher and more challenging

What you will gain

  • Increase your power production and agility
  • Strengthen your core foundation
  • Improve exercise technique, including other disciplines
  • Increase your balance and co-ordination
  • Enhance lung function and breathing facilitation


  • “Really friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Saffron's Pilates classes are absolutely brilliant!” Angela Websdale.
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