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CLASS: Kesson Physio Pilates Advanced 1

Class: Kesson Physio Pilates Advanced 1 £2.99

Class: Kesson Physio Pilates Advanced 1 £2.99


Here we take your Pilates to the next level.  Our professional Pilates instructor, Saffron, is going to challenge you in a evolved way to develop your core strength, tone and definition throughout your whole body. She will help you to learn how to properly engage your core muscles and challenge your control and stability, whilst never losing sight of the key Pilates principles. Purchase this class as part of the Kesson Physio Complete Pilates package and get 4 Pilates classes for the price of 3.

This class plants 3 trees!

Meet Saffron

Who is this class for?

  • Active people
  • Super active people
  • Strength builders
  • Busy working people
  • All ages

For people with pre-existing health conditions, please confirm with your doctor that you’re ready to get active with us. 

Class features

  • Full body workout
  • Series of floor-based exercises to do at home or in the park (bring a mat)
  • Flow seamlessly from one movement to the next, keeping your heart rate up and sweating
  • Learn new exercises, with clearly explained exercise positions
  • Challenge your technique, strength and fitness
  • Builds on your added confidence

What you will gain

  • Condition your body
  • Create a lean and strong physique
  • Improve your muscle tone, overall strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve balance and stability
  • Enhance your mood


  • “I was able to train for and run another marathon (without injury) and I'm so much stronger thanks to these Pilates classes. Can't recommend the whole Kesson Physiotherapy team enough.” Victoria Taylor
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