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Rob Lindley
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Speciality: Cardio fit & family activity

Rob Lindley

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Rob is a family fitness specialist, a firefighter and keen triathlete. He's the founder of Firefighter Fit Kids and a Dad to young kids, so he keeps on your toes! Rob's fun and healthy activities are for parents, kids and even grandparents to get active together. There's something for everyone to get you moving, jumping, hopping, skiing, doing the 'superman' and feeling on top of your game.

We know you'll love Rob's energetic and friendly style. He'll draw you in and keep you coming back for more.

Meet Rob

Recommendations for you

  • For a great activity session with fun moves for all the family, why not try Rob's Family Fit class? It's a 20-minute session with a 2-minute warm up, 7 x 2 minute main workout activities and a 2 minute cool down with rest breaks in between activities. 
  • If you want a dose of cardio fit 'movement medicine', Rob's Wake Up and Shake Up class will clear the cobwebs away and have you springing into a new day.
  • Fancy a TGO Activate package? TGO Activate - super heroes (3 classes for the price of 2) and TGO Activate - activate your healthiest week (5 classes for the price of 4) both feature a class with Rob.
  • All ages
  • Increase cardiovascular fitness
  • Family groups
  • Active people
  • Super active people
  • Fun and motivational
  • People who want to lose weight
  • Feel great
  • Busy working people

Rob Lindley's courses