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Meet the TGO Activate Trainer: Marvin Ambrosius

Meet the TGO Activate Trainer: Marvin Ambrosius

TGO Activate trainer, Marvin Ambrosius, is one of our fitness inspirations. He beat obesity with physical activity and now he's on a life mission to help others do the same. Marvin presents Sky TV's Fit in 5 and he's an expert on quick HIIT routines to kick start your day and reboot your life! We've been working with Marvin for a while at TGO gym launch events, so it was a natural fit to ask Marvin to create HIIT and Circuit routines for TGO gyms.

Marvin's workouts feature a great mix of TGO gym equipment exercises. He also demonstrates floor-based alternatives to practise at your local TGO gym and back at home. You'll love Marvin's energetic style and his fabulous smile. 

17 December 2020

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