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Movement Medicine for People and Planet

Movement Medicine for People and Planet

June 16, 2021, London: Pioneering British manufacturer, The Great Outdoor Gym  Company (TGO) has today launched supporting their vision of improving the health of  people and planet. With a focus on movement medicine, the new website will offer physio and personal  trainer led courses with the aim of combatting lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes Type 2 and encouraging  environmentally conscious lifestyles. Working in partnership with Eden Reforestation, TGO will also be  planting trees and donating to charities with every new sign-up. was unveiled at the opening of St Thomas’ Hospital new Movement Garden in London, where their TGO-Activator workout developers and trainers were on hand to demonstrate the exciting range of courses now available.

Georgie Delaney and Matt Delaney, co-founders of TGO, came up with the concept for  recognising the recent rise in outdoor exercise and the urgent need for everyone to support climate change  goals. Georgie Delaney, said: “Having been part of two Global Climate Change conferences we’ve realised that people power is the missing jigsaw. By living a healthy and more sustainable life we can help tackle NCDs and climate change too.

“We want to be the best at supporting communities to be healthy and to reach net zero. We feel TGO gives us a platform to make a real difference to people’s health and also encourages society as a whole to live more sustainably.”

Founded in 2007, TGO designed the first Olympic legacy gym for adidas and rolled out 70 giant outdoor gym  spaces in communities across the country. Since then, TGO has installed over 2000 gyms worldwide,  including around 800 free publicly available in the UK. It is estimated that over 10 million people benefit from  TGO’s gym facilities and their efficiency is backed up by independent research. In Dudley, TGO gyms were  the single most effective intervention in Dudley’s Healthy Towns Programme, helping to get more people into  regular exercise habits. 

TGO has also created an energy generating range that converts people’s workouts into Watts. TGO  showcased their ground-breaking zero-carbon leisure facility at the Global Climate Change Conference  COP21 in Paris and in 2015, TGO was commissioned by the United Nations to install an energy gym in  Marrakech as part of COP22. 

As an export champion for Department of International Trade with partner networks worldwide, TGO’s  outdoor gym equipment is enjoyed in Australia, Singapore, UAE, Malaysia, Mauritius and many other  countries. TGO now has plans to roll out to all its venues, driving participation and sustained practice. 

Co-Founder Matt Delaney said: “There are 422m people living with Diabetes and physical activity is a  wonder drug. We want to work with the whole fitness industry and make a difference to people’s lives. Our  courses are affordable, very user friendly and easily accessible. It is not about getting fit people fitter, we want to introduce more people to the benefits of regular outdoor gym exercise and help tack issues like Diabetes and cancer prevention.” has been developed in partnership with Kesson Physiotherapy, an award-winning clinic.  Each course is led by ‘TGO Activators’ who are real local community heroes, including Rob Lindley, a  firefighter specialising in family fitness and Sarah Ford, a NHS paramedic and powerlifter.  

Olympic Champion and physical activity advocate Sally Gunnell OBE who designed the Great Outdoor  Workout, said: “Being outdoors and active can be hugely beneficial to your mental as well as physical health. I’ve created this course as a fun way for people to work out and something you’ll want to do again and again.” 

The courses are available in the web browser designed for mobile phones. Some gyms will also be  connected with smart screens with free course content for people not using a mobile device. The individual  courses cost as little as £2.99 and packages are from £11.99. With every registration, revenues will plant  trees in Kenya, NHS hospital grounds, the National Parks as well as raise money for charities. Classes  launching this Summer include a six-week Type 2 Diabetes Programme by Kesson Physiotherapy,  developed in partnership with Diabetes UK. There will also be TGO Circuits by ITV star Marvin Ambrosius,  yoga and a special course focusing on sustainable living called Fit42030. 

Georgie Delaney added: “This is just the beginning and moving ahead we are looking for more influencers  and activators within the fitness space, who want to do more for the planet and charities. By working  together, we can use the power of movement for good.”

15 June 2021

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