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Heal, Care, Move

Heal, Care, Move - £10 (+20 trees)

Heal, Care, Move - £10 (+20 trees)

Move from brokenhearted to superhero

Do you feel heart broken about life, relationships, circumstances? If so join me on this journey where I take you on a journey to explore your heart. We will  bind up your wounds and build resilience and strength in heal. In the Care section we will start to learn from a place of wholeness. In Move we will set in motion strategies to activate your true potential in your health, relationships and mission.

A better world starts with you and your heart. Heal is the foundation of the subsequent courses Care and Move.

Who am I? I am the cofounder of the Great Outdoor Gym Company and At The Great Outdoor Gym Company our vision is one of a healthy people and a healthy planet. Our symbol of this vision is a green heart because we believe people’s hearts and emotions are pivotal to our physical health and the environment.

This three-step guide is for individuals to activate your heart to become the healthiest and most sustainable version of you. Bring wellbeing, health and sustainability into your life by doing this unique, inspiring and pioneering course.

I will be planting 20 trees with the Eden Reforestation Project in Kenya for every course purchased in full.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone with a broken heart
  • Anyone who wants to do more for the planet
  • Anyone who wants to break through and have more personal impact
  • Anyone who wants more peace and joy

Course features:

What’s covered in Heal:

  • Activate your faith around your innate power for good
  • Step out of your story
  • Put your idols down
  • Evaluate your heart with ‘heartfulness’
  • Map out your healing
  • Activate joy as your fuel for your mission
  • Do the right thing

What’s covered in Care:

  • With a healed heart, open your eyes afresh and use the magic ingredient of care to unlock truth.
  • Unlock your superpower
  • Open your eyes to the truth
  • Care about your body
  • Care about your family
  • Care about your community
  • Care about your world
  • Work through an action plan to transform every aspect of your life

What’s covered in Move:

  • Complete your green heart map to move into your higher purpose
  • Move your body
  • Move into your mission, purpose and calling
  • Move in your community
  • Move in your world

What you will gain:

  • You will free yourself from your story
  • You will become more aware of your heart
  • You will have a roadmap to improve your mental, physical and environmental power
  • You will become more purposeful about your family, community and world
  • You will become the best version of you
  • A heart map to evaluate where you are and develop from.
  • Lessons, videos, workbook and downloads to work through – designed to be repeated again and again
  • 20 trees planted for every course cold


  • I love this course. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, you can benefit from the principles in here. Love the heart map and heartfulness! Emma
  • I didn't realise I had wounds to heal until I did this course. I feel equipped to care and move for my family and business. Tanja
  • This course is absolutely brilliant, so open and honest and great tone. Great stuff! JJ


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