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Package: Healthy, strong and sustainable life (4 for 3)

Package: TGO Activate Healthy, Strong and Sustainable Life £8.99 (4 for 3)

Package: TGO Activate Healthy, Strong and Sustainable Life £8.99 (4 for 3)


4 x TGO Activate classes for the price of 3, an ideal package if you’re making your first moves towards an active lifestyle or you’ve been advised by your doctor to increase your activity. Led by movement experts, Kesson Physiotherapy, as well as yoga teacher, Nicky Willis, this package will help keep your heart healthy and improve your muscle tone and strength over time. 137 minutes of incredible activity for all fitness levels. 

This package plants 9 trees!

Package features

  • Soothe, Strengthen and Stretch Yoga with Nicky Willis
    Nicky has created a gentle and soothing yoga class, suitable for complete beginners to yoga. It’s also a wonderful early morning or evening routine for people with more yoga experience. Go at your own pace and breathe deeply. Connect with your body, gain presence of mind and soothe your soul. Nicky has been practising yoga for over 7 years and she teaches in an inclusive, friendly way. 26 minute class.
  • Extend, Energise and Explore Yoga with Nicky Willis
    Nicky has designed this yoga class to energise your body and invigorate your mind. It’s best suited to people with some previous experience of yoga but you can adapt poses by using a yoga block or strap if you're just starting out. Whatever your level, follow Nicky’s guidance, listen to your body and go at your own pace. 26 minute class
  • Kesson Physiotherapy Beginners Exercise Class with Luke

    This Beginners Exercise Class designed by movement experts, Kesson Physiotherapy, provides people who are new or returning to activity with an easy way in to working out. Aimed at improving overall physical performance, class goers are led through a programme combining equipment-based and floor exercises. It is hugely motivating and a fun way to improve physical and mental wellbeing. 51 minute class.

  • Kesson Physio Pilates Beginners 1 with Saffron 
    A gentle introduction to the benefits of good movement and posture. Guided by Kesson Physiotherapy professional Pilates instructor, Saffron, the first of our entry-level classes helps you to begin mobilising your joints and using your body more efficiently to reduce aches, pains and restricted movement. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 34 minute class.

Who is this package for? 

  • Beginners to physical activity
  • People returning to exercise
  • Post-natal Mums
  • People who want to lose weight
  • People with type 2 diabetes
  • All ages

For people with pre-existing health conditions, please confirm with your doctor that you’re ready to get active with us. 

What you will gain

  • Gain confidence about how to move optimally
  • Boost cardiovascular health
  • Improve full body muscle tone
  • Increase bone density
  • Build strength over time
  • Improve energy levels
  • Boost wellbeing
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